{The day Ian met Willow}

Ian has been begging us for an American Girl Doll since last Christmas when Chloe got one from us.  We told him that he too could have one the Christmas before he turned eight.  It wasn't because we didn't want him to have a doll.  It was because we thought it was important to wait until this age because that's how long we made Chloe wait and they are mega expensive and with age comes responsibility, right?  Anyways we decided that we would get him an "Our Generation" doll from Target for his birthday.  It's kind of a knock of AGD.  He was very upset at first but I explained to him that AGD are very very expensive and that he would in fact get one for Christmas if he wanted it.

So as his birthday approached we talked about his new doll.  I asked him if he would like to go pick her out or if we should do it.  He wanted us to pick her out.  I had been looking for weeks and hated all the dolls we had at my store.  And to top it off, we waited until the very last minute.  We had just gone to Disney to run my race and I ran into Target on our way home for his cake to grab a doll.  I walked down the aisle and saw that we had gotten new dolls.  I was so excited.  I looked at each of them and decided on Willow.


Willow has long dark curly hair and came with a pajama party set.  Total cuteness.

It wasn't a surprise, he knew he was getting a doll. But when he opened that wrapping paper, priceless. Look at that smile.




Happiness. Pure happiness.


He was smitten with her right away.

He asked my sister for a new dress for her and used some of his Christmas money for another dress for Willow.  He's building up her wardrobe.  ;)




I can't believe our sweet boy is seven.  SEVEN.

Seriously, where does the time go?  Ian Matthew you are the kindest, sweetest most loving little boy.  Please don't ever lose that.


  1. I am really impressed by your open-mindedness though I am not surprised. A lot of families would balk at giving a little boy a doll but there is nothing wrong with it. It makes him happy and will also teach him to be accepting and nonjudgmental. Kudos, Friend. You and Lisa are awesome parents.

    1. Thank you Katie! Your kind words mean a lot to me.

  2. I love that you got him a doll! I agree those AGD are super expensive. I wanted one soooooo bad as a kid. I will def buy the boys a doll if they ever ask for one. I like letting Tristan experiment with new things. I've seen him play with headbands, those baby princess dolls, purses, tutus (friend has a daughter), etc. He loves playing pretend. I'm not bothered by it. A friend and I even got a pic of Emmett in a headband once. His dad freaked once when I mentioned him being obsessed with a tinkerbell purse but since then I don't tell him. If the kid can dress up as spiderman why not play with girl stuff? Also this kid is such a huge "drama queen" both with attitude and the fact that he can act out dramatic death scenes. I need to put him in drama in the future. Again though huge props for the doll :).

    1. Thanks Karen! It really bothers me when people are upset when kids don't confirm to gender stereotypes. Thanks for your support. :)