{Splash Mountain without the Splash}

On our recent trip to Disney at the end of February, one of our favorite rides, Splash Mountain was closed for refurbishment. It's always a bummer when a favorite ride is closed down. Lisa and I got a pleasant surprise when we walked by though.


You could see so much cool stuf while there wasn't any water on the ride. You could see the tracks, see people on different parts of the attraction working and you could stand there and really look without fear of getting soaked.


Have any of your favorite rides been closed when you visited?

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  1. We've seen Splash closed before, and it was so cool! The coolest thing we've actually seen was on the People Mover in Tomorrowland. The minute we were going through Space Mountain, something was going on and all the lights were on! It was so weird to see all the tracks and how big it really is!