{Insta-Friday 10/25}

I haven't done an insta-friday in a very very long time.  I actually haven't done much blogging at all.  And I'm not sure why although I do know that every time I do blog, I talk about how I haven't been blogging.  Ha!

We went to the Cranberry Festival in town a couple of weeks ago.  The smallest girl got her first ride on a school bus.  :)
Isobel's first bus ride. :)

More of their daily statue poses.
Chloe to Isobel: don't block my feet from the camera. Lol #dailystatuepose #latergramToday they were all being Lacey the dog. I'll be so sad when they don't #dailystatuepose for me anymore.

We went to a family party this week too.  They all jumped on this trampoline forever.  I'm sure it's quite tiring.
Trampoline angels? #latergram

Ian had to cut all these words out and then glue them back together to make a poem.  It was actually kind of fun.
He's so cute doing his homework. Xoxo

Every year we go to a Ghost Tour with a bunch of our friends.  It's a tradition that I love.  This year we ran across the street for liquid courage shots before hand.  We got our traditional Soco and Lime and then we tried the ever intriguing Pickle Back.  This is Jameson and a shot of pickle juice.  It was interesting to say the least.  Kind of weird but the pickle juice definitely cut the sting of the whiskey right away.
Pickle backs.  Weird.  #justsayin

We used to go to Boston for our tour and it was awesome but for the last two years we've done a tour in Plymouth which is very cool too.  In Plymouth you can actually go into "haunted houses".  This year they told us about this app that you can download that works as a ghost finder of sorts.  That blue dot there is supposed to be a ghost and the word fighting up top is supposed to be them talking to us.
Ghost tour time!Ghost tour app makes things more fun.

On Saturday Lisa and I went to Provincetown.  We saw the comedian Judy Gold.   She was hilarious.  So much fun.
Provincetown. #womensweek2013

I am truly blessed to live in such a gorgeous place.
The fog this morning was just plain beautiful.

Izz had to dress up as her favorite character from a book for a Literacy Parade at school.  She dressed up as Pete the Cat and wore her "magic" sunglasses.  It's such a cute book.  You can see it here.
Our very own Pete the Cat with magic sunglasses.  Xoxoxo

Bailey finally getting his hands on my Mac.  It's only been over a year.  ;)
Letting the boy use the Mac for the first time.  Lol.  #ithasonlybeenayear

life rearranged

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