Summer vacation is here. Yay? I proclaimed publicly on FB the other day that I was oh so excited to have the kids home for the summer and that I couldn't wait to have them home all day. Well they are testing that today let me tell you. Fresh on top of fresh on top of fresh. They're making a fresh pyramid today.

These are from over the last few weeks, cause, well, I've been slacking on the blogging front.

I chased the sun a couple of weeks ago.  I kept moving my chair until the sun was completely gone.  It felt good.
Chasing the sunshine.

I love this mickey shirt so much but it's like one of those super thin worn out shirts and I'm worried it's not gonna last long.
It was a Mickey shirt kind of day.  #doctorofficesfie #mysteryillness

This is from New Year's Eve but I posted it on Father's Day of me and my Daddy.  :)
Me and my daddy.

This kid just turned four.  FOUR.
The birthday girl.  Xoxoxo

And this kid just turned FOURTEEN.  They are ten years and one day apart.  She was due on his birthday but was nice enough to wait a day.  That's when her niceness wore out.  ;)
Almost ten years apart exactly.  Off by one day.  She was nice enough to wait a day so he didn't have to share his birthday.

How high is too high?
Too high?!  Lol

Back yard serenades are becoming one of my favorite pass times.
Backyard serenade.  Xoxo #latergram

I brought Ian to a birthday party last weekend.  I know it looks like that puppy is on the 4 but I hit the 1,000!  He was very excited to get lots and lots of crap to take home.
We won the jackpot!He's a fruit ninja.  :)

I think our kids are the only kids that are given free reign to the back yard for the first time without adult supervision and grab yoga mats and board games.  lol.
They are total cuteness playing in the back yard.  #latergram

This kid right here just graduated eight grade.  We are so proud of him.
It's official!  Our sweet boy is officially done with middle school.  I'm not sure my heart could of been filled with any more pride tonight. Xoxo

I love this girl.  She's just perfection.

We went to the beach the other day for the first time.  This was the kids snack break.  Popcorn at the beach, yes please.


Jen and I went for a walk and stopped for ice cream.

Gosh isn't she just the cutest thing ever?


We went and watched Lisa's store play my store in softball on Tuesday.  Lisa's store won 8-1.

Another backyard serenade.  Sort of.

Bailey finally got his iPod back.  That's a long story.  But he sent me this picture.  There might not be anything cuter than getting pictures and texts from a 14 year old.

Such a diva!

life rearranged

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