{And then my Heart Shattered}

I found Isobel on the floor at 5:15 am the other day.  This, is a reenactment.  She's got a future in this, huh?

Double share cause it wouldn't let me share to Flickr.

Me: Isobel, why were you sleeping on the floor?

Isobel:  Huh?

Me:  I found you asleep on the floor with your head by Chloe's bureau.  Were you sneaking around during the night?

Isobel:  No. {Insert sad face}  I was on the floor crawling to find you in the dark. But I couldn't find you.

Me:  Were you having a bad dream?

Isobel:  Yes.  :(

Even though she's probably making the whole thing up, my heart shattered.

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  1. Oh, poor little honey. How funny that she reenacted it for you though, lol. ;)