{My Love She Keeps Me Warm}

If you haven't heard Macklemore's Same Love, you're missing out in my honest opinion. Way back when when Thrift Shop came out I went to YouTube to watch the video. While there I watched some of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' other videos. Same Love was one of them. I fell in love. Head over heels in love with Macklemore. He is so much more than someone who wants to wear your grandpa's clothes. Trust me.

Stated in this article, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis wrote the song for their newest album The Heist and reached out to Mary Lambert for help with the chorus. The article reads that she wrote the hook for the song in two hours and performed it for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Both were in tears and told her not to change a thing. I too cry almost every time I hear it. Mary's voice is unbelievably moving. There's such a rawness and emotion there.

I thought that when I did research for this blog post I would find out that the song was from an older album. I just assumed that it was not written for the present album. I was wrong. And that makes my respect and appreciation for Macklemore grow ten fold.

According to Wiki, ""Same Love" was written in support of legalizing same-sex marriage particularly in reference to Washington Referendum 74 (R-74 or Ref 74), a Washington state referendum to approve or reject the February 2012 bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state."

This song will change people. This song will help people. Music has such a strong force on people. Especially young people. If someone "cool" like Macklemore is telling us to stop being idiots, maybe, just maybe people will listen. I know how much music influenced me when I was young.  It's sad to need a song to make people stop being asshats but I just hope that maybe music like this will influence the next generation more than ignorance will.

Fingers crossed.

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