{Key Lime Oikos}

This isn't a post about yogurt.  It isn't a post about much at all actually.  Just wanted to let y'all know that I am indeed alive.  Some of you may know that I had a huge medical scare this weekend.  I was admitted to the hospital with a mystery illness that is still, well, a mystery.  That's another story for another day that I am working on slowly.

Everything is going so slowly for me these last few days.  I guess that's expected though.  I'm sitting here trying to blog eating a Key Lime Oikos.  My fave yogurt btw.  Lisa has the girls at the dentist.  Ian is coloring and Bay is showering.  13 yo boys are smelly yo.

I feel better each day and thanks to Lisa I'm still getting plenty of rest even though I'm home.  It's much harder to rest at home than at the hospital.  Which you would think would be opposite.  Or at least I did.  Oh well.

Laying in bed watching the Breaking Amish reunion cause Season One isn't on Demand.

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  1. Girl! I hope that you are okay, I did not know that you had been ill. Shoot me an email if you want to talk. XOXO