{Roasted Vegetables}

Lately one of my favorite things to make is roasted vegetables. I found a recipe on Pinterest for chicken and veggies and you use those packets of powder that make salad dressing and butter. So good!

zesty italian

You can use any kind of dressing you'd like. I've made these with the Garlic and Herb version and it's also tdf. I bought some dill dressing because it was on clearance and I can't wait to try it!

So you put your veggies on a pan, sprinkle the dressing over the top and then drizzle butter over it all. Roast for about an hour depending on what kind of veggies you're cooking. If you want to lighten the recipe, use olive oil.

This time I made two batches. The first had mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes, onion and garlic. I've never made mushrooms or cauliflower myself before and both were so delicious! The second had red bliss potatoes, green beans, onions and garlic. So good!

Batch one....before and after.

Batch two....before and after.

I also made some chicken and packed it all up for the week. Meal prep really helps me to stay on track.

There are so many different combinations you can try. The possibilities are endless.

One packet of dressing mix per batch of veggies
Enough veggies to fill a baking sheet
1/2 stick of butter per batch

Put veggies on pan, sprinkle with dressing mix and drizzle with butter. Let cook for one hour or until veggies are to desired texture. Stir as needed.

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