This Month- Is my birthday month.  I share it with Carol and Ian.  Sometimes I make a big deal out of my birthday and sometimes I don't.  This year I did not.  I just have so much other crap going on in life right now.

This Week- We went and saw Dead Pool yesterday.  Do yourself a favor and if you have not seen it finish reading this post and then run to the theater.  It was hilarious and really very good.  I'm not much of a Super Hero movie fan but I am a Ryan Reynolds fan.  ;)  Don't bring your kids though....don't be that jerk

Today- I took my very first quiz as a college student today.  We had an hour and I was done in ten minutes which freaked me out so I spent the next twenty minutes double checking answers with my medical dictionary.  Cause you know, my teacher is cool and lets us use them on tests.  I won't get my results until probably next Monday so, fingers crossed.

Right Now- I'm watching Just Jillian.  OMG I love this show.  Jillian Michaels besides being super successful and cute is hilarious.  Just hilarious.  The stuff that comes out of this woman's mouth makes her my spirit animal.

Tomorrow- I don't even know what happens tomorrow.  It's a Tuesday.  I work.  We'll see.

{So obviously I wrote this a million years ago and in my drafts folder it has sat}

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