{It's the little things}

It's the little things in life right?  Today is my day off from work but I have sooooooo much homework to finish.  I also have to renew my driver's license before my birthday on Tuesday.  So off to Plymouth I've gone.  I finished at the registry.  I even kept my old picture so i can forever be five years younger if only in my license picture.  I also registered to vote.  Now I have been registered to vote before but I never knew where I was supposed to go.  I know that's no excuse but I've taken care of it now.  Cause a vote against Trump is a vote that I need to make.  lol.

Now back to the little things.  Right now I am sitting at a Panera bread getting ready to do homework.  Like a REAL college student.  Ha!  I don't know what it is I've just always pictured myself sitting at a coffee house studying.  A quintessential college kid.  Well, not so much kid....Quintessential college student.

Now back to all this homework.....

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