Our Elf on the Shelf Balsam is back! He's a very forgetful elf and often doesn't fly back to Santa at night resulting in being in the same spot two days in a row when the kids come to find him. He's also not as creative as some of these other over achiever elves. No hanging with Barbie in the hot tub or hanging from the chandelier for this guy. He's laid back, does his job and tries to not look super creepy.

I'm hoping I can at least encourage him to remember to fly back to Santa every night. I mean, if I knew my Santa spy was forgetful, I'd be more likely to be fresh. He better get his butt in gear this year. ;)

If you're interested, there's a quick snip it about how our scout elf got the name Balsam in this post.

And creepy ass Balsam is back.  Let's hope he remembers to report back to Santa every night this year.  He's a bit forgetful.  ;)


  1. LOL! Rupert has moved from one shelf to another shelf so far. Maybe he will be a little more adventurous when everything calms down from Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. Hehe, people do go a bit overboard with Elf on the Shelf. With that being said, I'm super excited to start the tradition with Grace next year and I'm sure I'll turn it into a daily production as well, lol!