i've had a great week.  and this weekend is gonna be super fancy.  tomorrow is my birthday!  :)

her favorite thing at the disney store?  the tv.  lol.

yeah, i'm that creepy mom that takes pics of her kids while they're asleep.  i didn't bother bailey.  i'd be pissed if someone flashed a light in my face after the age of ten.

i asked instagram/twitter for their thoughts on these two shirts.  i would wear them mostly with khaki pants and a red cardigan at work.  i got no's on both.  boo.

i got a new bracelet.  minnie.  ;)

some cute valentine's day cards i found at target yesterday.

i discovered the jodeci pandora station.  i am in love all over again.  they rock.

if ever anyone doubted how much i love lisa, here is your answer.  i sleep with this on my nose every night.  and every morning i go searching for it cause they fall off.  lol.  she also sleeps with an ear plug in on bad nights.  i snore.  a lot.  a real lot.  

all the kids have been having ipad time.  they love it!

we went outlet shopping today.  she was happy.  and then she was not.  i mean when i want to let someone know that it's lunch time right now i lay down on the floor too.  don't you?  and my mother of the year award is in the mail.  not cause she was on the floor but because i took a pic before picking her up and taking her to the food.

see she was much better on the way to get food and then while eating.  :)

we had a lovely lunch with carol today to celebrate BOTH of our birthdays.  :)  thanks again carol.  you rock.


  1. Happy Birthday, Girl! I hope that you have a fabulous day.

    My favorite part of the Disney Store is the TV too. :D

  2. I'm a HUGE Jodeci fan too! I'm going to have to find that station - thanks for the tip.

    Don't feel like you're a creeper for taking sleepy baby pics. I do it all the time, lol. ;)