{life lately}

life lately has been crazy. lots of bad stuff. lots of good stuff. you've gotta take the good with bad, right?! anyways i do have some stuff typed up in the drafts here but for now, instagrams! yay!

Cutest banana ever!
The leg poses kill me.  Xoxoxo #latergram

Fall love.

Fall = Magic.  Nuff said.
I love me some woods.

If you are ever in Dartmouth MA, Chippi is the best thing ever!

Rainy day smiles.
Rainy days.

My girl and I on a jumpie bounce house.
We jumped on the moonwalk together this weekend. #latergram

This is how she rests between soccer drills.  :)
How she rests between plays at soccer.

Great nights with great friends are the stuff dreams are made of.
Such a fun night!

Love that my girl loves to read.
I'm sure it's perfectly normal to sit in the window when there is a perfectly good table right in front of you.

My sisters and I took Dad to a Patriots game for his birthday.  It was my very first game.  So much fun!
So much fun!!  Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, have you ever taken a selfie?  lol
Dad, have you ever taken a selfie?!  #patsgame


  1. Adorable! I miss Chippis! And your crazy kids. And your face. I miss your face a lot.

  2. Awww, Dad Selfie! I've been missing your blog! :D