{is this thing on?}

i totally forgot about my own blog. i came to it on accident and couldn't figure out how to get into it. lol. do people still blog? is this still a thing? oh well. here i am. things have changed around here. let's get into some stuff shall we?

we now live in florida! we finally moved this past august. these last six months have been amazing. the sunshine really warms your soul. no pun intended. oh who am i kidding? PUN INTENDED. seriously though it's been the most wonderful thing to finally live out our greatest adventure so far. everyone seems to be settling in. the kids had a really hard time with the move but that's a given. we are going back home to visit for fourth of july week and i'm so excited to visit everyone and get some good coffee...i'm looking at you marylous.

we all (lisa, john, and i) still work at target. our transfers finally came through, some much easier than others. of course we stopped at the florida sign and i made everyone get out and take a picture. :)

this is our new home. i love it! it's a two story house which we didn't see much of when we were house hunting. i wasn't super excited about everyone being on the same level at all times. hahahaha.

here's to hoping i can keep up with this thing this time.


{365 days}

365 days.

three hundred and sixty five days.

one year.

it has been one year since you've left me.

left us.

left everyone.

365 days.

365 days that my heart has been broken.



one year hit me hard.

really hard.

like right in the gut hard.

i haven't seen you in 365 days.

i haven't talked to you in 365 days.

i haven't hugged you in 365 days.

one year.

365 days.

the one year mark has made everything seem more real than it did before.

more definite.

more forever.

more heart broken.

365 days.